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Magician for Hire Sydney

Mingletainment is the ultimate in low-impact roving entertainment, where the entertainer is like the ultimate party guest moving from group to group, bringing everyone together and breaking the ice in a magical manner while performing mini-shows.

Perfect for groups that may not know each other or just to add to the atmosphere. They can create a flow to the room/ event or simply be used to fill time between other elements.

Most useful for corporate drinks, weddings, adult parties, fetes, and street fairs.

Rampant Entertainment provides a wide range of character options, which can all be viewed here.

Roving Magician

Roving Magicians are great for brightening up any event without stealing the show. Our Roving Magicians are the ultimate ice breaker, subtle but high impact, and our performers are fabulous at reading the room. Our Roving Magicians are the ultimate party guest moving from group to group, bringing everyone together, and promoting conversation and networking in a magical manner as they perform mini-shows.

Prefect for groups that are unfamiliar with each other or need fresh topics of discussion, the performers add to the atmosphere of the event and create a flow to the room or area.


Creating balloon sculptures for all your guests, our balloonatics provide fun and colour for your event with personalized giveaways.

Benny T Magicman

Startling close-up magic right under your nose, Ben takes all your magic favourites to a new level with effects so amazing you’d swear it was a camera trick. Things disappear in an actual puff of smoke or a flash of fire, coins disappearing from your closed hand, levitations with borrowed objects right under your nose. Startling magic expertly performed such as mind reading, E.S.P. and telekinesis makes fiction and fantasy become reality in a way that will not just astound you but also really freak you out!

An enjoyable explosion of general mayhem, Benny T is the definitive ice breaker.